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Good running is springy and quiet. - The Lunch Hour Athlete

Training Log For: 12/11/09

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Posted by Matthew

I was recently talking to my uncle about the upcoming LA Marathon. He had run several marathons when he was younger and had brought up being taught how to run right by a trainer. I think The Lunch Hour Athlete has touched on this topic before, but it's important enough that any chance of repeat information is worth it. Running with improper form can not only rob you of efficiency and better race times, for beginner and professional alike, it can lead to serious short-term and long-term injuries.

An article I read recently ended with "good running is springy and quiet". That sentence alone created a perfect visual for me to use in comparison with how I normally run. My current running form is definitely not springy and quiet. My legs feel heavy and my feet have a tendency to slap the pavement. Now that I am forced to critically examine how I run, the mental video I created based on how I think I run actually makes me nervous. It looks awkward and painful. If I really run that way I better change it fast.

I am going to post a link to a good article. I would pay specific attention to the part on Foot Plant that describes proper long distance running form when your foot contacts the ground. The author's explanation of pronation is also very helpful in describing running mechanics and correcting any problems with your foot planting.

Proper Running Form