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Welcome to the Other Resources page of Gyms and Fitness Clubs. This page is our repository of resources that don't deal with a specific exercise or workout, or deal with exercising and fitness in a more general way. These could be books on motivation, health and general fitness topics as well as other useful resources.

One of our goals here at Gyms and Fitness Clubs is not only to provide you with convenient listings of nearby gyms for you to choose the gym that's best for you and your fitness needs, but also to provide you with useful information from which you can make the most out of your workout routine, whether it's information on a specific workout, gaining motivation to work out in the first place or whatever else.

To that effect we will be gathering several resources on general fitness subjects, whether they be links, books and so on. It is our hope that you use these varied resources to get the best workout you can for your health and well-being whether you're using the services of a gym or not.