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Welcome to the Resources by Activity page on Gyms and Fitness Clubs. We've built this page to host links and content we will be providing on specific aerobic and workout activities in order to give you more knowledge and a better understanding of the specific activities you will be engaging in to lose weight, improve your health or increase your aerobic endurance.

We will be providing articles, books, links and other resources to help give you more information on exercises and aerobic workouts that will help you get in shape and lose weight. These could be comprehensive books on workout routines, articles on how to be more efficient in your workout routine, what the best weightlifting or aerobic workout might be for your body type, and much more.

With our bevy of resources, we're sure you will become a more informed and efficient customer when it comes to enrolling in a gym or fitness club, as well as a better investor in your own health. We therefore invite you to peruse our resources and find those that work best for you and your health.