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Aerobics Help with Cardiovascular Fitness and Weight Loss

One of the most common physical exercises is aerobics. Aerobics is a method of exercising that works to improve muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and promote weight loss. Aerobics can be fun and enjoyable when performed properly.

Finding the Right Location and Environment for Aerobics

There are many different locations that are perfect for anyone looking to start an aerobic exercise routine. Most aerobics exercises are done in large groups with an aerobics instructor. Fast paced “workout music” is usually played during aerobic workout sessions to promote energy and fast paced motion. Large group aerobics are usually done at gyms and other large fitness establishments.

If you’re just beginning in aerobics and aren’t comfortable with working out at a gym around other people, you can always start an aerobics routine at home. There are many instructional aerobic exercise DVDs available to fill your aerobic needs. Most aerobic exercises don’t require a lot of equipment, so the home is a perfect location to start your routine.

If you like the outdoors, local parks are a great place for aerobic exercise. The fresh air and open area outdoors is great for getting your mind set for an intense aerobic workout. Climbing hills and using stairs at outdoor locations is a great way to add variety to your regular aerobic routine.

Choosing the Right Type of Aerobic Exercise

Once you find the perfect location, you can focus on the type of aerobic exercise that is right for you. Some of the most common types of aerobic exercise are freestyle, step, sport, and water aerobics. Each of these types of exercises will give you the aerobic workout you need to get in shape.

Freestyle aerobic exercise is led by an instructor that has choreographed the entire workout session. Usually dance and rhythm are combined in freestyle aerobics to create an intense, invigorating workout. Equipment used during freestyle aerobic sessions usually includes steps, small weights and exercise bands. Freestyle aerobics are great for developing flexibility and strength.

Step aerobics can be part of a freestyle aerobic session or as a workout session by itself. In step aerobics you use a small, raised platform, or step, to move your body in specific motions to get your heart rate up. Step height can be adjusted with most step platforms to fit your needs. Step aerobics are great for working the lower half of your body to increase leg strength and tone your thighs and buttocks.

Sport aerobics is more commonly known as aerobic gymnastics. This type of aerobics may not be enjoyable for everyone but it is available for those that haven’t found the perfect aerobic exercise routine. Sport aerobics is the most difficult type of aerobics to perform. Movement and choreography is always precise and leans heavily on more advanced movement of the body. Sport aerobics works the entire body and promotes flexibility and increased strength.

Water aerobics is one of the easiest and most enjoyable types of aerobic exercise. Water aerobics is a form of resistance training that is performed in shallow water, usually swimming pools. Most often, water aerobics exercise consists of land aerobics exercises simply performed in water. The water adds an added measure of resistance when doing aerobics like running, walking, jumping jacks, and various other movements. Water aerobics develops increased strength.

There are many types of locations and exercises available for you to start your aerobics routine. Any type of aerobics exercise is going to be beneficial to you and your health. A solid aerobics routine at a gym, at your home, or outdoors will help you stay healthy and give you the energy to do the things you need to do on a daily basis.