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The Gyms by Location section of Gyms and Fitness Clubs is the cornerstone of our website, offering listings of local gyms and fitness clubs in the US and Canada. We have broken down our extensive listings of local gyms and fitness clubs first by state, then by city, so that in just a few clicks you can get a comprehensive listing of all the local gyms and fitness clubs in your local area.

Once you've seen all the local gyms in your local area, you can start doing research as to which one is best for you based on several factors. You can visit these locations and get more information such as pricing, workout and exercise equipment, aerobic class schedules and much more. You can then use all of this information to choose the best gym for you. You can also read relevant comparative articles in our Compare Gyms section.

We hope that you will make the most of our extensive list of local gyms and fitness clubs in order to find the one that works best for your needs, location and budget. It is our hope that, by presenting you with an easy-to-use and extensive list of health clubs in your area, that you will find the place that fits your exercise and fitness needs perfectly.