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Gyms and Fitness Clubs is your one-stop resource to easily, quickly and simply find local gyms and fitness clubs in your area. We have designed our website to make it easy to use, informative and comprehensive. This way, you not only get information on how to find places to get a good workout, but also useful information on nutrition and diet, different types of exercises that might work specifically for you as well as relevant news and articles on health and fitness. We hope that by bringing all these resources together, we'll not only help you find a local gym that you like, but enable you to make the most of out your new fitness routine and diet plan.

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The centerpiece of the services we offer is our extensive database of gyms and fitness clubs across the country. By selecting your state as a starting point, you can find a list of local gyms and fitness clubs in your area, each with addresses, phone numbers, lists of amenities and so on. You can then go through this list and pick out the gyms you would like to investigate more closely. Once you have found the local gym or fitness club that works best for you, you can then begin a workout routine that will help you get in the best shape of your life.

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With our comparison functionality, you can easily compare the features from one health club to another. With this feature, you can first find some local health clubs or gyms in your area using our easy-to-use "Gyms by Location" page, and then once you have found a couple that look intriguing, use our comparison feature to compare what they have to offer. Once you have used this functionality to compare the features of multiple fitness and health clubs, you will then have an easier time deciding which one is right for you and your fitness needs.

Get the Most from Your Workout

The features and information here at Gyms and Fitness Clubs isn't simply limited to finding a local gym in your area. We want you to make the most out of your desire to be more fit and healthy. Therefore, we have created a wide array of articles and resources covering various topics related to fitness and health. These include diet resources such as calorie calculators and the like, as well as articles covering a wide range of topics. These include personalized workout routines, diet tips for healthy eating and much more. With these resources, we hope to help you get the most out of your time at the gym in order to get the best workout possible for your own personal fitness goals.

Explore Personal Training and Circuit Training Options

Many gyms and fitness clubs offer personal training and circuit training options, but there are some notable differences between the two. Circuit training usually requires participants to complete various "circuits" of exercises which are geared toward a particular area of fitness, usually aerobic endurance and fat burning. These circuits are usually comprised of various exercises meant to help you lose weight and drop fat. Personal training usually covers a wider gamut of options that can help build strength, muscle mass, athletic endurance and more. Fitness clubs and gyms offer different types of training. Explore our site to find the best training options for you.