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The ideal weight calculator gives an ideal body weight based on the Hamwi Method and a reverse calculation of BMI (body mass index). The results should be used as a reference point only. Many fitness and health professionals debate the accuracy of generalized "ideal weights" due to factors like muscle mass, body frame size, age, and other personal factors that are unique to you.

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What is the Hamwi Method?

The Hamwi Method was first published in 1964 by Dr. Hamwi in a publication of the American Diabetes Association. There are different variations that take into account frame size. This method gives a somewhat accurate ideal weight but persons who have a very muscular build or older individuals who usually have less muscle and skeletal mass may find the results to be less than ideal.

For men, the method gives a base weight of 106 lbs. for the first 5 feet, then adds 5 lbs. for every additional inch. Women receive a base weight of 100 lbs. for the first 5 feet and 5 lbs. for every inch over 5 feet. If you have a "small frame" subtract 10% from the method's ideal weight, larger frames can add 10% to the ideal weight.

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