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Learn How Many Calories You Will Burn by a Specific Exercise with our Calorie Burn Calculator

When you first begin working out or following a fitness plan a common question is "how many calories does an exercise burn". Most personal training professionals will tell you that weight loss and increases in fitness come from a healthy diet and exercise routine. As weight loss requires burning more calories than you consume it is important to have a realstic idea of the calories you burn during a day.

Important Factors in How Many Calories You Burn

Your body weight plays an important role in how many calories you can burn during an exercise. However, the three most important factors in burning calories are the duration of the exercise (how long you are exercising), the type of activity (e.g. running vs. jogging) and the intensity or effort on your part. The heavier an individual is the more calories they will spend doing any given exercise. The following calculator will use a combination of body weight (in pounds) and exercise duration (in minutes)

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Listing of Multiple Exercises and Calories Burned

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