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Why People Fail at Exercise: 3. A weak commitment just won't cut it


Without commitment don't expect to accomplish anything of great value. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of the most recognized writers of modern time, put it this way, "Until one is committed, there is hesitance, ineffectiveness and the chance to draw back...not committing will kill countless ideas and splendid plans."

If you want to succeed in making exercise work in your life you must be committed to it. You have to give it more than just a few weeks to work. Change doesn't occur as quickly as you may like. Committing to exercise 100% by making it a habit will help you overcome barriers to exercise success.

To help you commit to exercise read Chapter 5, "I'm too Inconsistent With Exercise." We'll look at ways you can make exercise a habit in your life.

Chapter 10, "I Can't Afford to Exercise," will discuss some typical spending habits, costs involved with beginning an exercise program and, finally, look at how small changes in the way we spend money can provide the extra money to start an exercise program.

Commitment is the key to long-term success.