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Why People Fail at Exercise: 2. Exercise and I aren't a good fit


A lot of people are very self-conscious when it comes to exercise. Being overweight plays a major role in these feelings. These people simply don't feel comfortable in a setting where exercise takes place. It's the fear of being in front of others that is intimidating. Are you one of them? When this is the case, you are faced with a barrier such as "where am I going to work out?"

People are also intimidated by exercise because they don't know what to do. In a study conducted by Peg Jordan, spokeswoman for the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, 1,880 people were interviewed regarding their motivation to exercise. She discovered that more than 80% saw exercise as "too scientific and too that beginners risked exposing their incompentency and ineptitude." These fears are real and can result in the abandonment of exercise.

In Chapter 3, "I Don't Know Where to Exercise," I'll discuss options you have regarding where to work out and examine what options are best for you. We'll also look into the qualities of a great personal trainer and how one can be of assistance to you.

Chapter 4, "I Don't Know How to Exercise," will outline what you need to know about designing an exercise program. It will cover the three important components of exercise: cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training.