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The Power of Encouragement: 2. Find a mentor


Having a mentor offers an incredible opportunity to succeed at something you may think is impossible on your own. A mentor will be your guiding light; they'll get you through the tough times and encourage you when you fail.

Whom should you look for? What qualities does this person need to have? First, find someone whom you get along with. It should be someone you can relate to and not be afraid to express your thoughts and feelings to. Second, this person should be knowledgeable and experienced with exercise. Finally, make sure they have been consistent over a long period of time with their own exercise program. You need a strong person who has proven they can incorporate exercise into his or her life.

Take the time to talk and spend time with this person. Maybe they can become your workout partner, or simply, someone you know you can call when you need encouragement or have questions.

Find someone who fits this description and tell that person you have admired their exercise efforts and would like to learn from and be encouraged by them. They will be flattered and happy to help.

Make it a point to surround yourself with people who enjoy exercise and have made it a part of their lives.