Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Realize the Rewards


You would think the simple fact of knowing exercise helps prevent heart disease, some forms of cancer, diabetes, obesity and other health-related problems would be enough for someone to exercise regularly. Unfortunately this knowledge alone doesn't do it.

People who successfully incorporate exercise into their lifestyle have done so by following the examples outlined in this chapter. But even more than practicing what I've discussed, people who exercise regularly do it because they see the rewards it brings. Some of these rewards are immediate and some are yet to be realized.

Take time to read over the testimonials at the beginning of this chapter again. They are people just like you who have made exercise a lifestyle, not necessarily because they love to do it, but because of what it does for them. You can't put a price tag on your health and the ability to play with your children or participate in your favorite hobby or activity. Dwell on this fact and apply the knowledge you've learned in this chapter to help you overcome exercise boredom.