Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Master the Art of Distraction


If you find exercise boring, regardless of what type you do or where you choose to do it, then you need to distract yourself. There are several ways you can do this.

If you spend a lot of time walking on a treadmill, riding a bike or using an elliptical trainer, I would suggest you utilize some form of entertainment while sweating away the calories. You can do this by purchasing a portable CD or cassette player and listen to your favorite music. You can even listen to books on tape. For those of you who are "techies," you probably have an mp3 player that can hold hundreds of songs or books in one small unit. Just download the material from your computer to the mp3 player and you have an instant distraction. I know many people in my health club who do this. If this is too technical for you then go the old-fashioned route. Bring in a book or magazine to read while exercising. People do it all the time. Most exercise equipment will have a holder for your book so it is convenient to read.

Whether you are at home or in a health club you can exercise while watching television. Most clubs have entertainment centers where you can listen to the sound on the television through your own set of headphones. Why not watch your favorite program while walking on the treadmill instead of sitting in the recliner eating popcorn.

More and more health clubs are attaching small computer screens with Internet access to their cardiovascular equipment. Just think, you can surf the Web and e-mail your friends while walking on a treadmill. Heck, you can even shop for gifts while exercising by going to a website and having your purchases shipped directly to your home. Only in the 21st century!

Finally, find a friend to exercise with. Study after study has shown that exercise is more enjoyable and rewarding when you have a friend to do it with. It makes the time go more quickly and you can help each other if any exercise-related questions arise.

Training Tip: Distract yourself by listening to music or books on tape, watch TV, surf the Web, or find a friend to exercise with.