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Make Room for Your Priorities: 3. Make a to-do list


There are many ways you can go about utilizing a to-do list. Some people will end their day by creating a to-do list for the next day, while others will make it first thing in the morning. There also are people who will keep a running list of weekly things to do. As the week goes on they add to it as necessary. By the end of the week everything should be crossed off. Or, some will incorporate a to-do list in their weekly planner. They'll get as specific as scheduling things at a certain time of the day. You need to find what works best for you. Try different methods; if one fails try something else.

Now, having a to-do list or scheduling activities in a planner are not just for those who work outside the home. The stay-at-home mom or dad can also be a better manager of their time by doing the same thing. Granted, your "things to do" will be quite different; however, the principle is the same.

Having a to-do list is a great method for accomplishing tasks in a timely manner. Since I began doing this I've found that I am much more effective and can make better use of my time.