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Is This Really Exercise?: Preface


Before we get too involved with this section, I want to briefly reiterate what makes up a complete exercise program. Exercise should consist of three parts: cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise, strength training and flexibility, as mentioned in Chapter 3.

It is very important to include all three of these components in your routine. Many people associate exercise with only cardiovascular activity such as walking, jogging, biking or aerobic tapes. This form of exercise is not complete without the other components.

Now, for those of you who absolutely object to the thought of a regular exercise program, this is for you. Below you will find some ways to make your everyday activities into meaningful exercise. I don't recommend this as your only exercise because nothing can replace a complete exercise program, but this will help you become more active.

Truth vs. Myth:

  • Myth: A physically demanding job can take the place of exercise.
  • Truth: True exercise includes cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.