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Why People Fail at Exercise: Preface


In the first chapter we looked at some of the statistics regarding exercise dropout rates. It baffles me how something that should be so important in our lives has such a high failure rate.

Over the years I've worked in the health club industry I have seen failure happen time and time again. People have such great intentions to start exercising only to see it all dissipate in a matter of weeks. What is it that causes people to fail? What are the barriers that so many people can't seem to overcome?

That is the question I intend to answer in this book. I've identified some of the most common barriers to starting and sticking with an exercise program. In this chapter I'd like to preview some of those barriers and get you thinking about which ones are giving you the most trouble. Then we will focus on each one in detail for the remainder of this book. Let's take a look and help you prepare to overcome!