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Thinking Practically:


Without a doubt most people reading this book want to be successful. Success can come in the form of good health, wealth, a great family life, a particular career or in many other ways. Success, however, comes with a price. You first must be able to define what it means to be successful. Once you've done this you need to work hard to achieve it. The hard work you dedicate toward it may take months or, most likely, years to accomplish. Finally, when you think you've come to the point of being successful, you realize it was just the start. Everyone has heard the saying-success is a journey, not a destination. We'll discuss this more in the final chapter.

The truth is that if you aren't healthy, you won't be able to work with the enthusiasm and tenacity it takes to become successful.

Think of a time when you were not feeling well, maybe you had the flu. Despite this you still had some work that needed to be done at the office. How productive were you? My guess is you weren't productive at all. It's difficult to get motivated when you are not feeling well.

Pat Croce began his career as a local physical therapist, later becoming the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers professional basketball team. He took them from a team that won only 22 games in his first season to the NBA finals in 2001. This was the team's first visit to the finals since 1982-83 season. What a success Pat Croce had become.

With a deeply rooted background in fitness, Pat has this to say about the relationship between success and exercise:

"I truly believe one of the foundations of my success is having a fit body, therefore a fit mind. The mind and body are one, so that a fit body will bring a fit mind. It's difficult to feel great if you're injured and in pain. You can't feel great if you're tired. If your body is in shape through physical fitness, sports or outdoor activities, you'll have that much more energy with which to follow your dream; more energy to work harder, play harder, study longer and fulfill your goals."

Exercise won't make you immune to becoming sick; however, it can decrease the frequency and severity of illness. Being healthy will allow you to accomplish more and create an environment for success.

Why does exercise create such a positive feeling? It's the little hormones called endorphins. They are proteins found in the brain, spinal cord and endocrine glands that act as natural painkillers, mood elevators and tranquilizers, all in one. Endorphins are said to increase mental and physical energy as well as enhance creativity. Furthermore, the same things that produce endorphins also boost your immune system. And guess what? Exercise causes a release of these endorphins.

With all the positive changes that occur because of exercise, you become better equipped to work harder at achieving success in your life. Wouldn't you agree this is a fair tradeoff for dedicating only a few hours a week toward exercise?