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Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?: Preface


Personal training has existed for close to 20 years in the United States. Originally it started out for actors and actresses being trained for their roles in the movies and to keep in top physical condition. They made up the majority of the clientele because they were the only ones who could afford it.

While at one time personal training may have been limited to the wealthy, more and more it is becoming less exclusive.

According to a survey conducted by American Sports Data, there are more than 88,000 personal trainers that work with over 5.6 million Americans each year.

Why are so many people choosing to hire personal trainers?

Because they realize the results attained with a personal trainer can be far superior to what they can do on their own. Trainers make this possible by creating individualized and specific exercise prescriptions. When you throw this together with a powerful motivator and expert guidance, it spells success.

Clients put a lot of trust in the trainer and expect results superior to what they can accomplish on their own. The last thing a client wants is to throw away a bunch of money on a trainer who isn't knowledgeable and can't motivate.

To get the most from a trainer and your workout, make sure you hire one that has experience, is educated and possesses the attributes necessary to help you be successful. Before you hire a personal trainer, consider the following characteristics.

Quick Fact: Over 5.6 million people use the services of a personal trainer.