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Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?: 5. Creativity


The last important attribute is the trainer's ability to build a creative program. Any trainer can put together an exercise program. You need to find one who knows the importance of variety.

At first any program will provide interest and results; however, that may only last for a short period of time. At some point the trainer will need to identify whether or not the program is still producing results and enthusiasm. When a new program is put together, it should be interesting and creative. The longer you exercise, the more creativity is necessary.

If possible, ask some of the personal trainer's clients how creative he or she is. Who better to ask? If the trainer is always providing them with something new and interesting then you can be sure the same will probably hold true for you. Seek out a creative trainer-you won't regret it.

There are many other attributes that make up a great personal trainer, such as honesty, integrity, concern for people, a positive attitude, and a fit physique as evidence that they regularly train themselves.

My best advice to you is that you meet with the trainer, look at their qualifications, get a chance to talk in person and, lastly, go with your gut instinct.