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Purchasing a Home Gym: 4. What are the product features?


This is a very important step that you don't want to miss. Not taking the time to look at the product features may lead to frustration, lack of use and wasted money. Let's look at features you need to consider when choosing home gym equipment.

  • The machine should be comfortable for you. It should move in a manner that puts your body through the correct range of motion, thus ensuring safety. Unfortunately, most people (and maybe you're one of them) don't know what correct range of motion feels like. If you are buying from a dealer, then have the salesperson demonstrate and explain how their piece of equipment provides the correct range of motion. If you buy used equipment, then get on the machine and try it out. If it feels comfortable when going through each movement, chances are it will be fine.
  • Another great feature to look for is the ability for the machine to adjust. Adjustments can come in the form of a moveable seat on a multi-station weight machine or bike, or speed and incline adjustments on a treadmill.
  • Look for features that enhance safety. These may include guards on the weight stack or safety on/off switches on a treadmill.
  • For many people, using a home gym will be a new experience. Having equipment that is easy to learn will make the experience more enjoyable.
  • Finally, try to buy something that has a warranty. Nothing is worse than waiting to get your first piece of equipment only to have it break down in a month and cost you a mint to fix. Another advantage to a warranty is for maintenance purposes. Maintenance can be very expensive!

Not too long ago I had a conversation with a friend who purchased a treadmill for his home. He has owned the treadmill for approximately nine years now. He was telling me that over the years he has had the maintenance person come out to make various repairs. Just recently, something on the machine went wrong and ended up costing over $400 to repair. Thankfully he had continued to renew his warranty on the treadmill over the years and the repair cost him nothing. He estimated that he would have paid well over $1,000 in repair work since the time of purchase had he not kept extending the warranty. Definitely something to consider!

With the introduction of new home gym equipment, not to mention affordability, having a home gym is becoming very popular. It can be a great way to finally get started with that exercise program you have been talking about.

Take the time to consider the ideas I just listed before you buy any equipment. I have spoken with many people over the years who had the grand idea to build a home gym but later regretted it because it wasn't the right equipment or they just couldn't motivate themselves to work out on their own.

If you don't think a home gym is the best way for you to get started with exercise, then let's look at another possibility.