Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Purchasing a Home Gym: 1. What are your needs?


The equipment should suit your needs and fitness level. It's important to ask yourself, "What do I want to accomplish?" It may be improvement of your cardiovascular system, more strength in your upper body or to increase your flexibility. Based on this you can determine the equipment that is best for you.

For the best results you should include equipment for strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training.

Strength training equipment

Strength training equipment can come in the form of multi-station machines, free weights or bands and tubing.

  • Multi-station machines, sometimes called universal machines, combine several weight training stations into one frame. They offer a variety of strength training exercises all in one. Just a side note: make sure you can adjust the resistance on the machine. Being able to increase the resistance is important to ensure continuous results.
  • Free weights are among the most common forms of home gym equipment. Free weights typically include dumbbells, a barbell with additional weights that can be added for more resistance, and some type of bench.
  • Bands or tubing are the simplest form of strength training equipment. They are made from an elastic material that provides resistance when stretched. There are a number of strength training exercises that can be performed with these simple pieces of equipment. Also, they come in several different resistance levels.

Flexibility equipment

For flexibility training a simple mat will be sufficient. Even a mat isn't necessary if you have a carpeted floor. Also popular are cloth or nylon straps that aid you in your ability to stretch. They assist you in pulling the muscle through its full range of motion.

Cardiovascular equipment

When choosing cardiovascular equipment you have many options. They include treadmills, bikes, stair climbers, rowing machines, ski machines, elliptical trainers and more. The piece of equipment you choose is up to you. Choose one that you and the whole family will enjoy. You also need to ask yourself whether the particular piece of equipment is appropriate for you. What I mean by that is this: If you've had several knee surgeries, then a treadmill may not be your best option due to the impact and continuous pounding your joints endure. In this example, a bike may be the best choice, because there is no impact. Whatever the case, make sure you choose something you enjoy and are challenged by.