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Overcoming Intimidation: Fitness Level


There is no question that performing physical exercise can be difficult. To participate it takes energy, skill, physical ability and coordination. This scares the heck out of people. Many people feel they need to develop all this before they start an exercise program where other people are present.

So you're not in great shape, maybe you haven't exercised a day in your life. That's fine! You don't need to be in great shape to start an exercise program, just willing. Of the millions of people who exercise today, how many of them do you think started their exercise program in great shape? The answer is very few. Exercise was the tool that got them in great shape.

If your perceived fitness level is holding you back from exercise, here are some suggestions for you.

You will need to start slowly. Thinking you can't handle any type of exercise because you have a low fitness level is wrong. There are many activities that can help you increase your fitness level. Get out there and start walking or biking. Buy a treadmill. The key is to get started with something. You will never increase your level of fitness by sitting around thinking about it. Over the course of time you will be able to increase the difficulty of the activities you've chosen.

I would even suggest starting a light strength-training program right away. Believe me, you can do it. I have worked with many people who have never touched a weight machine in their lives get started and do just fine. In fact, many of them come back to me after only a few weeks and want to learn more. Don't make the assumption that something is too difficult unless you first give it a try.

What is important is that you begin slowly, and your fitness level will gradually improve through consistency and dedication. It won't be long and you will feel a wonderful increase in your stamina, strength, and self-esteem. At this point your level of fitness will no longer lead to feelings of intimidation.