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Making a Difference in Your Life


My desire to write this book came as a result of many years of hearing people make excuses why they can't start an exercise program.

As of 2004 I've spent 14 years in the fitness industry, with many of those years selling health club memberships. During that period I've heard just about every excuse imaginable.

Not only have I heard excuses why a person can't start exercising, but also the excuses why they quit exercising.

I get so frustrated. I'll spend time talking with a person about why they are thinking about starting an exercise program in the first place. They'll go into a lengthy explanation of how they are out of shape, have a family history of heart disease, or desperately need to tone up. After all this, they decide they have to think about it! What is there to think about? They just explained to me why they need to exercise and how important it is for them to see results, yet they have to think about it. I just want to grab and shake them, saying, "Listen to yourself! You just told me how badly you need to exercise and that you need to get started; what are you waiting for?" Being the professional that I am, however, I restrain myself and politely allow them to give it some thought.

It is for this reason I chose to write this book. I've chosen nine of the most common excuses I've heard over the years and developed some ways to overcome them. By no means are these the only reasons why people don't exercise; however, I feel these are the ones that get used most often.

As an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer, I know how important exercise is. Daily I read how disease and illness in our society can be reduced with just a little time spent exercising. To see people walk away from exercise when I know they truly need it is difficult.

I want to make a difference in people's lives. I want people to know how incredible exercise can make them feel. How it helps provide a higher quality of life, one that can be enjoyed for years to come.

So in this book I will show you how to overcome the obstacles that keep you from experiencing all that exercise can do. All I ask from you is to have an open mind and a positive attitude. When you come across a barrier that you have been struggling with, take extra time to read about it. Think about how it is relevant to your situation. Once you've read it, immediately apply the solution I offer here.

I'm excited that you made the choice to purchase this book. This could be the start of something that will not only last a lifetime, but a lifetime that lasts.