Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Joining a Health Club: 1. Personal preparation before joining


As a person who has sold thousands of health club memberships over the years, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to identify your fitness goals before walking into a health club for the first time. So many people walk in to a club and have no idea what type of questions to ask. Their question is usually "How much does it cost?"

Every membership salesperson cringes when this question is asked first. As a prospective member you have to know what the club has to offer and how it can benefit you before asking the price. What if the price, if asked first, seems too high? You may walk out of the club, go down the street and join the club that is priced lower. Only after you've made a commitment to the cheaper club do you realize it was a big mistake. The club you joined, because it was cheaper, isn't able to meet your needs. Or worse yet, the staff is unfriendly and unwilling to help. Now you're stuck!

The point I'm trying to make is that if you know what your needs and goals are, then you can ask questions that help determine if the club can meet those needs.

Now, although I did say that cost should not be your first consideration, it is an important factor. Take a look at your budget and determine the maximum amount you can afford on a monthly basis. By doing this you will be better equipped to make a decision about joining the day you walk in the club. The sales staff will love you for it.

I can tell you of countless people who say they have to think about it because they don't take the time to figure out beforehand what they really want and can afford. Unfortunately, many people who say they need to think about it never come back. And worse yet, they never start an exercise program at all. Don't let this be you. Prepare!

Know what your needs and goals are, then ask questions accordingly.