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I'm too Inconsistent With Exercise - Introduction


It's December 31st and you are at a New Year's Eve party with all your friends. Suddenly, someone has the bright idea that everyone should share their New Year's resolutions.

Everyone gets in a circle and you begin to exchange resolutions. When it is your turn, you tell them you want to lose 20 lbs. and trim a couple inches off your waistline. Furthermore, you let them know you're planning on joining a health club so you can immediately get started.

The New Year arrives and you make your way down to the local health club and buy a membership. They are very helpful and quickly get you on an exercise program to begin your weight loss. Along with you are many other people with the same New Year's resolution.

For the first few weeks things are going well. You seem to feel like it's working and have already shaved off a couple pounds. "This is great," you say.

Unexpectedly, during the fourth week, you get buried at work with a project that has to be completed by week's end. As a result, you can't make it to the health club or even go for a walk outside the entire week.

Finally, you finish the project, but are mentally exhausted from all the late nights working on it. Another week passes before you think about getting to the club.

After a two-week layoff you make it back to the club and start your exercise program again. This layoff and the stress of the project cause you to lose a little strength and forget some of the exercises. So you ask one of the trainers who gladly helps. The problem is that you're irritated by the fact you already forgot some of the exercises and have lost strength.

Anticipating a little soreness from the exercise, because it's been two weeks since you last lifted weights, you decide to take the rest of the week off.

So, now it's into mid-February, you started off well, but have only exercised once in the last three weeks. And to make matters worse, you have a vacation planned for the end of the week and can't work out because you have to tie up some loose ends at work as well as pack for the trip.

Following your vacation you don't feel like having to re-learn the exercises and, physically, are right back where you on January 1st. As a result, you give up. The once grand resolution to lose some weight is over.