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If Not Now, When?


Many busy people manage to make time for exercise. In her book Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, Krs Edstrom interviewed some of the top CEOs in the country from companies such as GTE, Boeing, Coca-Cola, General Foods and J.C. Penney. One common denominator among these CEOs was that they made time to exercise. It was one of their important tasks. Now, you can imagine the busyness of their daily schedule, yet they make time to exercise. Why? Because more than 93% of them say their success can be attributed to being healthy.

Randy Barron, former president of Southwestern Bell Company, says, "You should make taking care of your body a priority. One hour out of twenty-four isn't that much-my contribution to this corporation depends on my good physical shape." Even if you dedicate one hour only three times a week, you will see positive changes in your body.

Many people say they are too busy to exercise. When in the future will you be less busy? More than likely things will get busier before they slow down. We are a society that spreads ourselves too thin. If you wait to begin exercising, you may be waiting forever.

Why wait? You need to think about your future and your long-term goals. Your health will play an integral role toward achieving these goals. People who don't make exercise a priority are more likely to find themselves sick, depressed, or stressed out. How productive can you be in this condition? Suddenly the priorities that were once first in your life become secondary to getting healthy again. Author John Lubbock couldn't have put it better when he said, "In cultivating the mind we must not neglect the body. Those who do not have time for exercise will have to find time for illness."

Take the couple extra hours a week to become involved with exercise. It will keep you healthier, allowing you to enjoy all the great things life has to offer. Use your time wisely.

Fitness Fact: 97% of Americans place maintaining good physical health among their top personal priorities.