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How to Make Exercise a Habit: 1. You must make a commitment


Before you do anything else, you must commit to the act. In this case it's the act of beginning an exercise program. Tell yourself you are going to do it! Better yet, tell your friends, family members or coworkers you are going to do it. Making a public commitment to begin exercising will make you feel more accountable for your actions. When you tell someone you are going to do something, you are more likely to follow up with it.

Another key to commitment is the language you choose. You need to change from "I want to exercise" or "I think I will exercise" to "I am going to exercise." This is a more positive statement. Too many people are stuck in the "I am thinking about exercise" stage. Don't think, just act!

A great way to act is to pencil in a start date in your day planner or on your calendar and stick to it. You must have a concrete time frame and it must be written down. This shouldn't be the date when you start thinking about where you will exercise. Have it figured out beforehand so you are ready to actually "get physical." Remember, a same time-same place format works very well.