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Forms of Strength Training Available: 3. Free weight exercises


The use of machines for strength training can be effective for a long period of time. Eventually, however, you will again want a change. The next change should be a move to free weights. Free weights offer even more variety than a home gym or circuit weight machines at a health club.

The use of free weights involves lifting weight with a dumbbell or barbell. Dumbbells are the single hand-held weights that can range from one to 200 lbs. A single dumbbell is held in each hand and lifted independently of the other. A barbell is a long bar that typically weighs 45 lbs and can be loaded with extra weight to increase the resistance. The barbell is lifted as a single unit.

At first, you may find strength training with free weights to be difficult because a great deal of balance and stability are required for a successful lift. Once you've learned the technique and the ability to balance and stabilize, you are at a great advantage. Here's why. The extra effort required to balance and stabilize the weights creates the need for more energy and muscular activation, therefore providing greater results. Results come in the form of more calories being burned, greater muscular development, and increased coordination.