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Defining your goals: Preface


This is the most critical step to making the whole thing work. It provides the framework that you will follow. Steven Covey, in his book First Things First, talks about how it's important to know the "what, why and how" of the things you want to accomplish. Let's look at this idea and put it into an example that will help you understand its concept.

The "what" asks the question, what is it that I want to accomplish? Or, what end do I have in mind? Using the example from earlier in the chapter, the "what" question would go like this. "I would like to begin an exercise and nutrition program so I can lose 25 pounds before my vacation." What is your "what" question?

The "why" asks the question, why do I want to do this? Covey says that this question is the key to increasing your motivation. It helps us to walk through the fire and persevere. Here are several examples of "why" questions. "I'm exercising so that I can feel comfortable walking on the beach in my swimsuit." "I'm exercising so that my body image doesn't stop me from participating in certain activities." "I'm exercising so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment when my vision becomes a reality." What is your "why" question?

Finally, we get to the "how" question. This asks how I'm going to do it or what are that steps I'm going to take. You may answer this by saying, "I will start an exercise program that includes strength and cardiovascular training. Along with this I will change my nutritional patterns that may include cutting back on simple carbohydrates (or fats or calories), minimizing junk food and eating four to six small meals daily. Finally I will find someone who has accomplished goals similar to mine and ask this person for advice and encouragement." What is your "how" question?

Defining your goals in this way allows you to see that it's more than just saying, "What you want to do?" It's seeing a connection between why you want to do it and how you are going to do it and allowing this connection to begin motivating you to set the necessary goals.

Let's look at specific ideas you can use to make sure you accomplish your goals and eventually realize your vision.