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Are You Following the Steps?


We've all set goals for one thing or another at some point in our lives. If I were to venture a guess, most people who set goals for exercise do not follow the steps I've just outlined. Statistics on exercise dropout rates prove my point.

If your barrier to exercise is a lack of motivation, take time to really think about why you are considering an exercise program. Create a vision. Make it real. You need to visualize yourself and how you will feel when it is accomplished. Then, start mapping out your goals that will serve as stepping-stones leading to your success with exercise.

Ninety-seven percent of people do not have a goals program simply because they do not know how to create one that works effectively. You are now one of the three percent who do. Take this knowledge and apply it to an exercise program.

As you start feeling the success associated with the achievement of each goal, you'll see your motivation will increase and you'll be on your way to making exercise a part of your life.