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Gold's Gym Helps You with Your Personal Fitness Training Needs

Gold's Gym Puts the Emphasis on Fitness

Gold's Gym is known throughout the country and worldwide as a leader in fitness training. Offering a wide range of classes from yoga to Pilates, each Gold's Gym is dedicated to promoting fitness and improving the health of their members. Advanced cardio and strength training equipment provide the best possible workout, while personal trainers are available to customize a fitness regimen for each client.

Designed to provide the highest quality workout for members, each Gold's Gym offers state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including stairsteppers, treadmills, and free weights. Group cycling classes are always popular and offer valuable moral support for newer members. Some locations offer mixed martial arts classes to enhance self-esteem while improving fitness; most provide a large selection of fitness classes to enhance flexibility, tighten abs and other problem areas, and improve cardiovascular health. High and low impact aerobics classes led by experienced fitness professionals are standard offerings at all Gold's Gym locations; step aerobic classes are also available in most cases. A variety of yoga classes provide beginners and experienced students with the holistic benefits of this ancient stretching technique.

Gold's Gym is intended for customers serious about fitness, regardless of their current level of activity. Gold's Gym is interested in providing the best exercise and fitness training programs available anywhere. The highly-trained and experienced staff offer encouragement and support throughout, ensuring that every member achieves the best results possible toward his or her fitness goals.

Gold's Gym has over forty years of experience in fitness training. From its earliest beginnings as a single small bodybuilding gym in Venice, California, Gold's Gym has expanded into the global market, providing its intense, customer-centered brand of fitness in over 600 locations. Prices vary by location, but generally are less than $50 per month. Personal training sessions are provided at an additional fee, depending on the services requested. A free trial period is often available for prospective members. Reduced enrollment fees are sometimes offered for new members as well; corporate discounts are available. For older members, AARP has joined forces with Gold's Gym to promote wellness, offering a 20% discount off AARP dues and a special reduced enrollment rate for new members.