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Get Exceptional Personal Training using the Latest Fitness Equipment at Bally's Total Fitness

Since the early 1980s, Bally Total Fitness has been providing health-conscious consumers with a convenient way to burn off pounds and tone and tighten muscles, improving clients' overall quality of life.

In addition to the latest workout and fitness equipment, Bally Total Fitness offers a wide range of classes that vary based on location, and may include Pilates, yoga, circuit training, aerobics, spinning and even aquacise. Bally's also offers personal trainers to help you devise a training program that ideally suited for your individual goals. Trainers can also help you measure your success and make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals, making changes to your program as you progress.

Some Bally Total Fitness locations offer summer clubs for teens looking to enhance their fitness levels, and classes are also often offered that cater to women who are uncomfortable with a coed class experience.

Bally Total Fitness has clubs that are located nationwide, with reciprocal memberships, meaning you can work out wherever you are in the United States. If you prefer to work out locally, or even at a single club, Bally's membership options offer less expensive versions that allow you to restrict your membership to just one or a few regional locations. The club also offers a range of membership options, as well as special offers like free enrollment fees and low monthly payments that allow you to pay as you go. Pricing varies, but typical fees can be about $30 per month, with discounts often available for additional family members.

What's more, Bally's Total Fitness offers programs that are geared to all fitness levels and all ages. The best way to determine if Bally's Total Fitness is the right club for your age, health and needs is to take advantage of Bally's free one-week guest pass. Getting a guest pass is as easy as visiting Bally's website and signing up. Once on site, a Bally's representative can show you what your local club has to offer and can evaluate your specific fitness needs and goals to determine the type of membership that's best for you.