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Proper Use of Exercise Equipment, and the Benefit of Piliates

Welcome to the first installment of the Weekly Fitness and Health Report. In this weekly article we'll be looking at some of the latest news from around the health and fitness world in the hopes of keeping you informed on the latest news, trends and information regarding exercise, fitness and more. This first issue will look at a couple of interesting articles, the first entitled "No, the Treadmill Isn't Also a Shoe Buffer," that comes to us from The New York Times.

This article talks about the proper use of exercise equipment in health clubs, and how many people don't seem to actually use the equipment properly. The article deals with how club owners and personal trainers have to deal with people who come onto exercise equipment with the wrong ideas. For example, many people feel it's right to walk backwards on a treadmill, since some physical therapists recommend it, whereas this is not the recommended method for using a treadmill.

The problem that a lot of trainers and owners have is that many people come into their fitness clubs with varying ideas on how to use standardized equipment like treadmills, elliptical machines and the like. While some owners take a hands-off approach, many prefer to be more proactive. Some try to tell their customers why they're misusing the equipment, while others dig deeper to try to figure out why their using the equipment incorrectly. Regardless, it's always best to make sure you know how to properly use any given piece of exercise equipment, at least for safety's sake.

Our other article is entitled, "Pilates, exercise for the body and the mind," and comes to us from The Sun Times. This article, as one would surmise, goes into the benefits of Pilates, which apparently are many. Pilates are helpful for baby boomers and those older who are starting to experience joint and muscle pain, and it's also beneficial for pregnant women as well as children. It also improves your coordination when running, exercising and dancing. The breathing, stretching and yoga combination found in Pilates is a great way, according to the article, to improve your health and flexibility.

This concludes our first issue of the Weekly Fitness and Health Report. We hope you've enjoyed it, and we look forward to bringing you many more issues to come.