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With Some Creativity, One can Get a Workout Anywhere

With our busy and hectic lives, it can be hard to fit a workout into our daily routine, especially if one has a family with the added responsibilities that come along with that. Thankfully I found two articles that talk about getting a workout both in the workplace and the dorm. The first article, "Workday Workout," comes to us from the Columbia Day Tribune. In this article, author Caroline Dohack lays out several small workouts one can do in only thirty minutes wherever one might be during the day.

First, they recommend a small, ten minute jog. This is followed by simple sets of jumping, ten sets in all, followed by coordination drills using the sidewalk or parking lot markers and finally, hip dips to work on your core. These are simple exercises that anyone should be able to do in a short amount of time, and can really help get the blood flowing.

The second article comes from The 33 News and is entitled, "The Dorm Work Out." In this article, the author talks to a fitness instructor to get some ideas about workouts one can do in a small space such as a dorm room. These include leg lifts, a V position Pile, balancing gluteal work and abdominal curves. These small, yet important workouts can help keep you trim in a tight space or on a tight budget.

As you can see, all you need is a little bit of space, some time, and the motivation to lose weight and stay trim. These free, easy exercises can help keep you slim and keep the weight off with a minimal amount of time or energy expended, keeping you free to pursue your busy life with few interruptions.