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Embarrassed? Injured? Knocked Out?

Once again, I couldn't find a worthwhile article this week, so in thinking on a topic, I thought of the worst thing that ever happened to me in a gym, and how it affected my gym-going habits for some time afterwards. Why this topic? Because I figured we've all had a bad or embarrassing thing happen at a gym, and I figured it would be good to think about the worst thing that happened to us, and what our reaction was. What was yours?

Mine was simple yet painful. I was lifting weights and, in my slightly sweaty hand, one of the barbells slipped and fell on my foot. I then jumped up on the other foot, dropped the other barbell on my hand as I fell backwards, and hit my head on a nearby bench. This in front of a couple dozen gym patrons and my girlfriend at the time. I didn't get knocked out, but I was dizzy for a spell, and had several bruises, but thankfully nothing was broken.

Sadly, after that event, I couldn't go back to the gym for weeks because I was one, in pain from my bruises, and two, embarrassed as heck. I wanted to go back, but couldn't force myself to for some time. That being said, I eventually did go back, but it was tough at first. What about you? What's your most embarrassing moment?