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Keep Realistic Expectations.

I couldn't find a piece of interesting news this week, sadly, so I thought I'd relay my own story about trying to get into fitness, falling out of it, then trying to get back into it. The real reason I kept falling out of exercise is motivation, or the lack thereof. I'd get motivated to lose weight, exercise for a while and actually lose some...then all it took was one day of being tired, coming home and not feeling like exercising, telling myself I'd do it tomorrow and so on, to break a brand-new habit and essentially kill it.

So what have I been doing to get back on the bandwagon? Mainly lowering my expectations and starting slower. The last time I tried to work out, I tried working out hitting the ground running, losing as much weight as I could as fast as I could. This, I think, not only gave me an unrealistic expectation of how quickly (or realistically, slowly) I would lose weight, but also exhausted me way too quickly, taking away my motivation and just turning me back into a slug.

So what I've been doing is starting much more slowly. Starting only a few times a week, working out less, and trying to build myself up to a normal routine. The results are slower, but they're steady, and I have a much better outlook this time. I guess what you can learn from me is not to overdo it. Weight loss and exercise don't just happen, they need to take time, so take your time, do it right and have realistic expectations.