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Keeping Hydrated is So Important in Hot Weather

With Summer fully upon us, it's important that, when you exercise, to remain fully hydrated, as The Vancouver Sun recently tried to remind its readers. In an article entitled, "Stay cool during your summertime workouts," they give many tips on how to stay cool and hydrated during your Summer workouts. First off, the article suggests drinking seventeen ounces of water two hours prior to working out. They also recommending hydrating with a litre of water for every 2 pounds of water lost during exercise.

Also, working out in the morning is the best time of day to work out, as the temperatures are cooler and the air quality is better, and research has shown that the capacity for exercise and endurance is greater in the morning than in the evening. Overall, keeping hydrated well before and after the workout, not just during, is one of the keys to keeping well hydrated in general, especially during hotter Summer months.