Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Descrimination in the Gym?

According to an article in FitSugar entitled, "24 Hour Fitness Sued By Female Employees For Discrimination", several female employees of the well-known and usually-well-respected gym franchise are suing the company for descriminatory practices, including being passed over for promotion, unfair practices in terms of back pay, wages and damages, and a lack of their presence in the upper echelons of the company. 24 Hour Fitness has, of course, denied the allegations and say they make no consideration of a person's race or sex when hiring or promoting people.

This got me to thinking about descrimination in the work place, especially in an appearance-centric place like a gym or a fitness club. It doesn't strain the mind, or credibility, to think that descriminatory practices exist, even in this supposedly modern day and age, but with lawsuits like this one against 24 Hour Fitness, the problem might be worse than I thought. I would hope that companies treat their employees equally regardless of race, sex, color and so on, but sadly that still doesn't seem to be the case, if this lawsuit has any validity.