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Toddlers Are Getting Help from Personal Trainers Just Like Adults

A few weeks ago, we took a look at an article out of Japan in which they enrolled children to fill in the gaps left by a lack of adult enrollment. Well, now we have a slightly similar article from entitled, "Personal Trainers for Toddlers?" in which they discuss how parents in this country are spending nearly $100 an hour for personal trainers for children around three and up.

According to the article, kids around the bay area are going to gyms at the behest of their parents, to learn how to exercise, get comfortable with a gym, and to give them a substitute for playing outside. A lot of parents are feeling less and less safe with their kids playing outside, according to the article, and more parents are using gyms to substitute the physical activity us older generations used to get while playing outside.

Sadly, this is a mistaken impression, according to the article. Kids still get excellent exercise while playing outside. What gym time can substitute is the lack of physical education time at many schools, who have cut phys ed due to budgetary concerns. Regardless, this is overall a good thing, as it gets kids in shape and teaches them healthy habits that will hopefully stick with them for a lifetime.