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More People are Exercising, that's good, right? Hold on...

According an article on entitled, "Americans Still Obese Despite Increased Exercise," a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the amount of people exercising in the US increased from thirty two percent in 2008 to thirty five percent now. This is great news, isn't it?

Sadly, while that IS great news, the rest of the report isn't as positive. While exercise is indeed up, so is obesity, at an all time high of twenty eight percent. Apparently, while more people are exercising, they're forgetting about other components indicative of weight loss. The first is diet, which according to Dr. Mike Trexler, a Fuse Fitness Trainer, is also the most important. We've found articles previously that talk about exercise and diet, and how many people can eat more while exercising, thinking the exercising takes care of the calories. There were also articles that showed that exercising can increase appetite that we've looked at before, which might also be an issue.

"I think people think they can overcome poor eating habits by working out. They'll come in and work out for 30 minutes and think that's going to cure a whole day of bad eating," said Trexler. This is a behavioral problem that needs to be addressed, as thirty minutes of exercise won't make up for eating calorie or fat-laden food all day.

The second factor is resistance exercise or weight training. While many people seem to go to a gym and just work on the treadmill or the bicycle, that is only part of the equation. One should work with weights as well in order to hit the trifecta of an effective weight-loss regimen. Sadly it seems most people only do the treadmill or the bike and think that's all they need.

The CDC report also noted that the rate of smoking had stayed the same, at twenty one percent. Smoking can be an appetite suppressant to help one lose weight, but it also has its own series of health issues that can cause serious health problems. Sadly, this report is mostly negative, and hopefully people will read it and find that they need to make life changes rather than just going to the treadmill for thirty minutes.