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Seniors are Taking Better Care of Their Fitness

As the population of our seniors gets larger and larger -- thanks to the baby boomer population -- more and more people are finding their health and their strength succumbing to the effects of age, whether it's weaker bones, muscles, or other health issues. Thankfully, it seems more and more older Americans are making use of personal trainers, according to a story in The Boston Globe entitled, "Older clients spur a boomlet for exercise pros".

According to this article, of the over six million Americans who paid for a personal trainer in 2009, a quarter of them were over the age of fifty-five. Those are pretty impressive numbers. These are also positive numbers, showing that many seniors have the dedication and wherewithal to keep themselves healthy and in shape, which is even more important as you age. Exercising with a professional trainer helps them maintain their health and energy better than without exercising.

However, the burgeoning numbers of seniors have given personal trainers a bit of a problem. Many personal trainers are used to having clients who are much younger, and have to change their training techniques to work better with older clients. However, the payoff for trainers willing to do with is worth it.

According to the article, many trainers find that older clients make better students than younger clients. A lot of them are more studious and more motivated to stay in shape so they can maintain their energy levels, in order to have a fun and active lifestyle. A lot of personal trainers focus also on balance as well, since falling is a large problem among the senior community.

Overall, this shows a very positive trend towards seniors taking more of an interest in their own health and well being will not only help them, but others as well. The effect of healthier seniors means less health care costs on their end, which hopefully might mean cheaper health care costs in general. That might be a bit hopeful, but it's a nice dream, I think.