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iPhones and Other Smart Phones can Help with Weight Loss

We've all seen the commercials telling us, "There's an app for that," over and over on the TV, and in some cases these commercials show off apps that can help us with our fitness and health, whether they're apps to help count calories, or apps to help give us exercise tips. Whether you own an iPhone or not (I do, just for the sake of disclosure), one can't help but admit that these apps can be quite useful.

The folks at IGN thought so too, and compiled a list of the top five fitness apps in an article called, appropriately, "Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps." These five apps cover different areas of health and fitness. One, called "Lose It" helps you track your calories, while another, called "iTreadmill", is a pedometer app, while another called "iFitness" is a general fitness app that gives you exercise routines you can use in your own gym.

The appeal of using the iPhone to help us keep track of our health and fitness is appealing. I personally use mine with an app from the Sparkpeople website to keep track of my calorie intake and weight loss, and it makes doing so much more convenient than having to be at the computer to enter my statistics. Even if you don't have an iPhone, there are other mobile apps for other phones like Blackberries or Google Android phones that also help you keep track of your fitness.

Using an iPhone or a similar device can be very helpful in keeping track of your fitness and weight loss goals. They're convenient to own and easy to carry around, so it makes sense to have your phone help you achieve your weight loss goals.