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Bollywood Dancing Provides a Full-Body Workout

In looking for article's to cover for this week's installment, I came across a fascinating article entitled "Students enjoy Bollywood dance for culture and great workout" from The Washington Post. What is Bollywood, you ask? Bollywood is a style of movie and dance that's insanely popular in India, and has been becoming more and more popular all over the world.

In the article, they look at a dance studio in the Washington DC area that is increasing in popularity due to its offering of

Bollywood dancing as a workout method. According to the article, Bollywood dancing is a "full-body type of dance". This means you're using your entire body to go through the dance moves, and the style is gaining followers. While the class has started small, it's growing and might become a mainstay of the dance studio.

People are also joining the class to learn about Bollywood culture. As the popularity for Bollywood grows and grows, more people are becoming interested in the culture surrounding these specific types of movies. Learning about these dances gives people not only a good, full-body workout, but also insight into the Bollywood and Indian cultures, which is another reason why people are finding these classes so attractive.

Dancing to work out and become more fit is nothing new, but the increasing popularity of Bollywood and it's wide-range appeal to all types of people, young and old, men and women and so on should end up with more and more of these classes being available in dance studios and gyms across the country. If you're looking for something different for your workout, this might be something to try.