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Could Chocolate Milk Help with Workout and Strength Training?

In scouring for news on fitness, health, workouts and so on, I came across an interesting story on entitled, "UNO Athletes Chug Chocolate Milk." According to the story, the strength coach at the University of Nebraska-Omaha began recently switched out their sports drinks and began giving his athletes...chocolate milk. Of course, my eyebrow went up immediately upon reading this, but it has some scientific basis...

Apparently, the sugar and protein content of chocolate milk has been shown to both help rebuild muscle and replenish the body after working out. Depending on the size of the athlete, they can get two or three cartons of chocolate milk after each workout, and it's actually showing results. According to the article, athletes are recovering from workouts more quickly than they were on more-expensive sports drinks. The lower cost is allowing a local dairy to supply 1,600 cartons of chocolate milk to the university much less expensively than a smaller amount of sports drinks.

Milk has quite a few benefits, such as stronger teeth, bones, and so on. Can chocolate milk, seen normally as a secondary or standby drink, be just as healthy and, in some ways, even more beneficial than plain milk? I might be biased, as I just love chocolate milk, but I'm honestly tempted to try this out for myself. Hopefully more data will be released on this and we'll find out more in the months to come.