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Exercise While Keeping Realistic Expectations.

Expectations are a funny thing, especially when it comes to the expectations given to us by Hollywood. In an article entitled, "Losing weight doesn't require drama," from the Mansfield New Journal, the author talks about the expectations of weight loss given to us from shows such as The Biggest Loser. On that show, according to the author -- I've never seen it -- contestants can lose 10-15 pounds a week.

Sadly, this kind of thing can lead to expectations that normal folks who aren't on TV shows that force contestants into strict diet and exercise regimens can also achieve such weight loss goals. Most of us can't spend six to eight hours a day working out, for example. A more realistic goal, according to the author, is 1-2 pounds a week, and that's also a healthy goal.

This highlights a larger problem though. Expectations can always mess us up, and lead us to stop doing something if we don't achieve the results we want. Exercise is a perfect example of this. If we don't find ourselves achieved the weight loss goals we want, we can easily get discouraged, or just stop trying altogether.

The lesson here is avoid drama and keep your weight loss goals realistic. There's no point in setting lofty expectations for yourself, only to be upset when you don't meet them. Keep things realistic, even and level and you'll achieve slower, yet healthier results.