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Personalizing your Workout Plan Isn't a Bad IDea.

We all have different lives, different ways we exercise, different timetables and so on. One workout program might work for one person, yet be too time consuming or complex for another person. In trying to find articles for this week's installment, I found an article entitled, "Slice of Life: No whining over workout plan" from a small paper called the Savage Pacer. In this article, the author talks about how she first used the classic Jane Fonda Workout videos to get exercise, at least until her children were born. After some time, she revisited the tape, and realized, she didn't need the video to give her cause or technique to exercise. She could do that on her own. The rest of the article discusses what other exercises she came up with that she could do on her own, throughout the day.

This got me to thinking…why does one have to be tied down to a specific workout plan? I mean, if one was motivated enough, they could find opportunities to workout nearly anywhere at anytime. For example, the article I mention above, the author gives several simple exercises one can do around the house or the office. Simple moves, stretches and so on that add up to a lot of fitness and weight loss down the line. So why don't more people do this own their own? Do they need the rigidity and structure of a pre-planned workout regimen?

Honestly, it makes sense to me that, without the aide of a personal trainer, one would need to find a workout regimen that works best for them. That being said, we encourage you to go through exercise methods and research exercise and fitness techniques, then adapt what you learn to best suit you and your needs. We're sure that, if you take the time and do the research, you'll be able to make your own workout plan in no time.