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How Can One Get Out of Their Fitness Rut?

It happens to all of us, basically about anything. We get bored, we get complacent, we lose interest in whatever we're doing, be it hobbies, exercise, work and so on. While we all get into these ruts from time to time, Jeanine Stice of the Statesman Journal, in an article entitled, "Burst out of your fitness rut," gives some tips on how to bust out of one particular rut at least, that of repetitive, at-times monotonous exercise.

There are several things you can do to burst out of your comfort zone, says Stice. For her, it began with pushing an extra mile moreso than usual during her daily jog. This extra mile took her to places she had barely visited, and opened up new sights and sounds to her that were, in a way, rewarding her for the extra effort she put into her workout. She then lists several groups that one can join to find new, fresh faces to work out with in order to gain some motivation. Exercise isn't just good for your physical health, but your mental and social health as well.

While this particular article focuses on local resources, you don't have to be local to Oregon -- where this publication is located -- in order to get not only local assistance in keeping your workout routine fresh and interesting. There are places all over the country, such as gyms, fitness clubs, YMCA's and so on where one can find extra motivation through group activities and exercise. The author also suggests bringing other people, such as spouses and family members, in your fitness routine to keep things interesting.

One should make sure they never get bored with exercise. Whether you run a new route, run a longer distance on your current route, join a new gym or whatever else, make sure you keep your mind as active as your body. That way, you stay motivated and healthy.