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Get Your Baby Fit and Healthy

As a male, I'll never, ever understand what it's like to be pregnant. To have another life inside of you just sounds...amazing. Babies, of course, are small versions of us, and need our protection and guidance to be safe and healthy. Does this mean that babies should work out as well? Well, I found an article on entitled, "Workout for a Healthy, Strong Babies", that gives new mothers some great tips on how to exercise their developing newborns.

The first exercise is pilates, with a focus on the belly. The "swan" and "swim" poses help exercise the baby's core muscles and helps keep them safe. Kicboxing is another exercise that helps flex the leg muscles and make them stronger. Doing jabs and kicks a couple of times a day can help their strength as well as their coordination. Another exercise is strength training, in which a baby lifts several various weighted ojbects out of a bin, helping their upper body strength. The final exercise they mention is yoga, which will improve flexibility.

These exercises, done once or twice a day, can help build a baby's core strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination to help keep them health and safe for months and years to come. It also hopefully helps build healthy habits of exercise that will last them a lifetime.