Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Are Gym Memberships Recession-Proof?

This week we'll be looking at an article from EmpowHer entitled, "Rocky Economy Spurs Decline in Gym Memberships." The article discusses how gyms and fitness clubs have lost over a million members collectively in 2007, when the current recession began. This means a lot of people are doing what they can to save money in these uncertain times, and one of those things is cutting gym memberships.

Thankfully, many gyms and fitness clubs are offering discounted rates on memberships to entice current and new customers into enrolling into their businesses. However, the numbers included in the article only cover larger or national chains of gyms. Owners of smaller fitness clubs, who most likely need to keep prices low anyway to stay competitive with the larger chains, are saying they've lost no members due to the recession. "For some, this is the only positive thing in their life," Angela Schlett, director and owner of Sole Fitness, said. "They can't afford not to come."

Apparently people are banding together in smaller gyms such as these to save money, exercising in groups rather than paying for an individual personal trainer. This keeps costs low and adds a social aspect to their workout that they might not get otherwise. Smaller gyms also have lower costs than larger chains, allowing them to give more personalized attention.

However you find yourself saving money in these tough economic times, a gym membership isn't one of the things you have to give up. If you price it right, and look around, you can probably find a local gym with an affordable membership package that's just right for you.