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Does Fitness Only Mean Physical Fitness?

With Winter still upon us, many people find it's more convenient to stay at home and work out rather than to tangle with the elements of cold, snow, wind, etc. This is why the cottage industry of home gym equipment has become so popular in the past decade or so. Home gym setups offer people easy access to a variety of exercises and equipment to use in order to get a full-body workout. With all of the various types of home gym equipment available, however, what should one look for in their own gym?

In an article entitled, "5 must-haves for the home gym" from The Associated Press, author Kim Cook takes a look at some things that should be included in every home gym you consider. The first is strength-building equipment. This means you should look for equipment with "sectionized" weights, allowing you to set the weight of your workout easily. The Bowflex is an excellent example of this.

Another thing to look for is equipment that adds cardio workouts. For example, small treadmills or elliptical machines can be purchased that fold nearly under beds or in corners, and give full cardio workouts in a pinch. The third thing to look for is flexibility and balance. Rather than have cumbersome weights, many types of equipment use resistance bands to offer an experience similar to lifting actual weights. These allow for a smaller, lighter piece of equipment.

The forth thing to look for is something interactive to engage the mind while you're working out, whether it's a video, or a game, or music. This can be provided in a number of ways, from iPod's to televisions.

The final thing to look at is safety. This is likely the most important thing to consider when purchasing home gym equipment. You want to make sure the equipment is small, yet offers what you need. You also want to place it in a space with plenty of room around it, to lessen the chance of injury or collision with other objects or people. Setting aside a specific workout room or area is a perfect way to accomplish this.

These items are important in selecting a home gym that works for you. Safety and convenience are the most important things to consider when selecting a home gym, and these tips should help you choose the best one for your needs and home environment.